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What Our Clients are Saying

I came back to NY after living out of state for a few years and moved to Ronkonkoma. I had been looking for an insurance agency that would be able to help me, be straight forward and honest. There are all the insurance commercials you see on TV but when you call to speak to someone - you realize you're just another number. I saw Multy Cover - Parrinelli Insurance up on the hill and remembered that building being there for many years before I left Long Island. Just that alone told me they had to be a secure company.

So, I reached out and ended up speaking with Nicole. She was able to review my old policies and not only save me $$$ on my new policies but also provided me with peace of mind knowing that I now have the coverage I needed. I have both my vehicle and my living space insured with Multy Cover-Parrinelli Insurance. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants the security of having the right coverage AND excellent customer service. Thank you Nicole for being so helpful and taking the time to walk me through my policies. My only regret is not having made this call many years ago.

- Jennifer H.

My name is Joe Valente Jr, I met Tom Parrinelli around 2006 and my life immediately had gotten better.

How did it get better? Well first of all he saved me thousands of dollars on my insurance, I own 3 businesses and Tom did all of this research on where my businesses were located, shopped around, read my old insurance documents and said "Joe, I think we could save you money", I mean that's the main reason you do anything, is money...right? Right.

What I did not realize is that Tom is as courteous, well mannered and professional as he was the first day I met him until today! I think he says "Thank you" way too much. He is always well dressed and always thinking of ways to make my business' run better. I use Multy Cover - Parrinelli Insurance for all my personal insurance as well, and have even introduced him to many other people who now use him too.

- Joe Valente Jr, Automatic Heating Supply, Commercial, Liability, Car Insurance and Health Care

Tom Parrinelli has been my insurance broker since 1998. He handles all my various business insurances and my home insurance as well. He is easy to reach, knowledgeable, and always a gentleman.

He has gone "to bat" for me on many occasions when I have had disagreements with the insurance companies and has taken the time regularly to assist me with both information and with filing out insurance forms. In an age where no one seems to understand the old fashioned concept of "service", Tom does.

I would strongly recommend him to anyone as their insurance broker.

- Alfred Cammisa, Tracker Archeology

I have been a highly satisfied and loyal customer of Multy Cover-Parrinelli Insurance for over 28 years for good reason. Apart from their excellent customer service and always prompt attendance to their customers' insurance needs, Tom and Nicole are helpful, responsive and warm individuals who genuinely care about their customers. When processing a policy claim, addressing an insurance-related issue unrelated to a policy written by them, or otherwise simply providing kind, reassuring and sound counsel during life's challenging times, Tom and Nicole have always been there for me when I needed them. They are the consummate insurance professionals.

- Scott S.

Multy Cover - Parrinelli Insurance is the perfect balance between professionalism and the personal touch. Tom and Nicole take special care of their customers; ensuring that they receive the best coverage for their individual needs.

The support I received after my first accident went above and beyond what one would expect. They explained what was going to happen and took care of everything immediately. They do the leg work and I couldn't be more pleased; they insure both my abode and vehicle.

I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who wants peace of mind, when it comes to insurance needs.

- Adriana O.

I remember as a kid taking a ride with my Dad from Patchogue to “that house on the hill” in Ronkonkoma to pay his insurance bills. That was 1955. As you can see, we have some history together. They have earned our business and our trust. From my parent’s car, home and other insurance needs to my home, car, Umbrella and Life policies. When insurance telemarketers call my stock reply is “I’ve been with my insurance people for 25 years I would never switch”.

Fair, honest, diligent and always there…that is Tom Parrinelli and his staff…it has been for my family since 1955. I never worry about my insurance needs. Thanks Tom.

- Scott A. Tighe

I met Tom Parrinelli around 2010. I had questions and concerns pertaining to my business insurance. After meeting Tom and going over our policy, he found flaws in the policy and made suggestions that made more sense to the overall operations of my company. By tailoring the insurance policy to the needs of my company, not only did we save a substantial amount of money, we also received more coverage than the leading insurance company. After the first year not only did he receive our business insurance, I turned over the Health, Auto and also my personal insurance.

Currently Tom is doing business with others of my family members and business colleagues. Multy Cover - Parrinelli Insurance does business the old fashioned way they customize their policy to the needs of the people and use a "NO HIGH PRESSURE SALES TACTICS" He treats all of his customers as his personal friends and family. Their company has risen to a high level of excellence and professionalism. Their knowledge and customer service surpasses any Insurance company out there. It is refreshing to see companies like this thrive and grow because of the high standards of practice they use.

That is why I Brian T. O'Neill fully endorse and recommend Multy Cover - Parrinelli Insurance.

- Brian T. O'Neill, CEO, C & L Heating Supply

As a business owner, I get involved in all aspects of my operation. One of the most time consuming and costly areas is insurance. NOT ANY LONGER. Not since I moved my insurance to Multy Cover - Parrinelli Insurance in 2009. Multy Cover - Parrinelli Insurance not only saved me money, but they provided me with more coverage. Less money, more coverage, what a great deal. But it only begins there; I also save a lot of time.

A simple phone call to Multy Cover - Parrinelli Insurance and they handle the rest. It's a pleasure to work with someone who understands your insurance needs. I feel so confident in MCPI that I have referred clients to them.

- Victor Couto, LNC Holding Corp

“Multy Cover - Parrinelli Insurance has written over 40 insurance policies from my family’s business as well as our personal needs over the last 20 years. They have retained our business because of their concentration on First-name basis service along with knowing our needs and providing personal attention”

- Kurt Berlunghof, Beacon Consulting Services Inc

I have been with Multy Cover - Parrinelli Insurance since around 2004 and Tom and Nicole have always put me and my family's needs first. When I joined the Multy Cover - Parrinelli Insurance family, the first thing that they did was to see if I was adequately covered and it's a good thing that they did. My house was covered as if it were a mobile home!! Thank God for Multy Cover - Parrinelli Insurance, I felt safer from day one!

- Tina

Thomas Parrinelli is the indispensable tool you keep right at the top of your business tool box – you’re always amazed how he works to fix any problem. With other agencies I spent money on policies that I did not understand and or need.

Tom details the strengths of any coverage and the weakness of my competitors. I have consistently used this knowledge to maintain a positive impression with my existing clients and to inspire new ones.

- Richard Parrish P.G., President, Impact Environment